Wednesday, June 18, 2008

When is the Day going to Come

Everytime when I listen to "Good Times" by Edie Brickell, I always remember the phrase saying "Good Times Bad Times Give Me some of That". And I really do not want the bad times, but unfortunately it happened whenever you called it. Yes, I mean the bad times. I feel stucked and in justified sometimes for the position I'm situated.

Maybe I shall lower down my expectation and requirement of life, so that I could feel more peaceful. The world is imperfect: The rich gets richer, the advantaged one gets flying high, the ignorance one being much more arrogant, the pathetic one becomes more pathetic, the complained one being much more complaining. I need to void the existence of annoying people. Talk to my hand. But, that's not exactly the wonder of my attitude. I shall cool down and ignore my bad days. That's it. That's all.

The weather is unpredictable: stormy or too steamy hot? You choose. People still stays the same. Same old feelings. Same kind of irresistible frustration. Compatible roughness of ignorance. I shall ignore all this. All of it.

Fortunately, out of the cries, tears and shouts, there are people who are being the "cooler" reduces my negativity. Thank you, folks. I shall limit my screams and turns it into happily-ever-after emotion to compensate myself of in justification.

All I really want is a simple calm life with my loved one.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

When I feel Jazzy

This entire morning seems to give me a soothing and comfy feeling, where I suddenly got inspired by jazz and big band. I always love this beloved genre and it never seems to end for me. I loves Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall, Michael Buble, Peter Cincotti and so many more.

I was listening to Ella's songs for whole morning and got back to the moment where I first arrived in UK: quiet, dim yellow lights, unpacking my stuffs while enjoying Ella's songs to feel relax and calm, and to get away from feeling home sick. I remembered Ella's songs had actually always be there for my midnight hours for rushing my MA projects.

I always love "I've Got A Crush On You" from Ella Fitzgerald with the lovely phrase " I've got a crush on you, sweetie pie". I really love her low voice and her vocal is effortless: she is such a nightingale.

One of her live performances of the song

Sometimes, for me, jazz relates to big band and I just adores big band performance. From this idea, P.Ramlee came into my mind. Maybe there's quite a number of advertisements about "P. Ramlee, The Musical". I love his music. He is very talented.

And it then leads me to think of "Sean Ghazi". I watched his performance on TV where he performed live for a P. Ramlee-kind-of-genre's song for an award show. I found out about the song name and it's called "Ku Impikan Bintang" and "Semalam". It is very nice.

Sean Ghazi's on Ku Impikan Bintang

Well, it was a great jazzy morning. I had a great moment: a jazzy little private moment.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Edith Piaf

Today I started google-ing and look into details of Edith Piaf. I realised that she is a very talented singer in France in early40 -60s. I only found out about her well enough yesterday when I watched Marion Cotillard's La Vie En Rose. It was a great movie and she deserves the Oscar she won last year. It was superb performance by her. I could sensed how difficult it was about Edith's life and how Marion could expressed her role well enough in this movie. 5 stars for both the movie and Marion's performance.

When I started to look at some clips of Edith's performances, it reminded me some songs I was familiar with such as La Mome and La Vie En Rose. Those songs were so commonly used in live performances and even some advertisement track. I always love Billie Holiday and now, I found another soulful voice that I love: it's Edith's.

Edith is such a French icon. I also look into her iconic photographs and realised how Marion could look so alike with her: the gestures, hunch-posture, the singing expression. I downloaded the photograph that compares Edith and how Marion look in the movie. It's really comparable. Salute to Edith Piaf and admiration to Marion Cotillard for her great job in La Vie En Rose.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Yin and Yang

Earlier, I attempted on double paintings with acrylic. I didn't think of any idea until I repainted both with solid colors. Then I realised I wanted them both to be different, but there's certain connection of the aura and communication between them must be quite tally. So, I kept thinking what I'm trying to express and the outcome turns out to be like this: more of a yin and yang communication. It balances cool and warm aura in both painting. I wanted to venture into abstraction but I want it to be clearer than just abstraction.

I hope it worth my effort.

The Eco Zoo

I discovered this website that is very interesting and I would like to share with everybody. Someone sent it to me through MSN and I think it is worth to take a look. It took place in an ecological zoo and emphasizes of few animals. It actually portrays the daily steps and routines we could do to be more environment friendly. The website seems to have smooth 3D environment with capability of zoom in and out. It is so powerful. I just salute to the designers.

Take a look!:

Friday, June 06, 2008

BIGEYES Creature

I flipped back my little sketch book (a Christmas gift from Sook Kein) yesterday night and I realised that I actually had a few sketches that I was supposed to explore on and develop it. Then I re-draw the BIGEYES creature again and thinking of try out my luck again in Threadless for tee-shirt design.

I just love this BIGEYES creature although it does look abit weirdy and obscene. Hahaha! You know what I mean! Here I want to feature my beloved BIGEYES creature.

Here is my submission to Critique area for Threadless:

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Juno : I love the film

I would recommend to everyone to watch this movie, Juno, an Oscar nominated film, touches about very casual life of a pregnant teenage girl. I just love the casuality. I watched it yesterday and it is funny, hillarious and heart warming.

I always doubt why such movie got nominated for Oscar, and then, I really think it's deserving positioning of the nomination: the film is as good as any blockbuster. It doesn't need a good scene, but it touches the reality of life and how to deal with when the worst just happened. It doesn't have to be about heroic and how to save the world, but as long as it represents the symbolic of how love goes and how we deal with love and care.

I just love Juno. 5 stars for my rating.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Evening Gown - Collage Frame

I remembered I got the inspiration of this piece from Tuck Loong, where he showed me one foreign artist who uses stitches of needles and cloths to form illustration on board or paper. I just love it and was really wondering if I could create or mimic it by designing one of it.

The coincidence moment happened when an Illustrator, and indeed a friend, Lay Heong, encouraged me of exploring fine art by creating a suggestive of smaller frame for me. I just use the frame and also, my thoughts of feminism and fashion, and of course, my ability in crafts to create this piece. I just have the passion of evening gown and how collage can make this 3D looking frame more obvious as an art piece. Here you go!

MAU Comic Illustration

I was not feeling that great for the past couple of months as it always lead me to feel solitaire. Then, I realised that I wanted to express my emotion and feeling into MAU and how MAU, my favourite pet, could play a role to ease my burden. Here are some approaches of comic illustration that I attempted.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Welcome Home!

I'm finally back !!

It's been 9 months since I last updated my blog and I shall re-evaluate myself for being out of sign. I had spent some time to give the whole blog a new look and I hope it motivates me to keep updating. I will do it! I shall not disappoint myself.