Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oriental Wedding Decoration Project

I was given the opportunities to work on a wedding decoration project with Eugene and Boyce. The theme is Oriental style. It supposed to look Chinese traditional and what I did was to inject modern and contemporary mood to the whole theme so it is not as predictable as it is.

For the project, I spent many nights preparing a lot of details such as dangling accessories for main table decoration as well as tie-ing pearls and beads, and also, creating big red ribbons for the stage, and many more tasks that were tedious and time-consuming.

The most difficult part was the flower arrangement - It was easy for the styling, but it was difficult to sustain the flowers to look fresh as it suppose to be. But I did managed to do it, but the flowers are many in quantities and I finally finished up all the arrangement at 3 am on Friday night. The decoration is needed on Saturday night actually. I'm really proud of it. Thanks Eugene for beautiful photos taken and it shall be my portfolio. Do look into Ren's Photos for more photographs of the wedding and the decoration as well. Without further elaborating, here you goes: