Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Mummy: Dragon Emperor - The Movie & Interactive

Alright. I really have to put in some insights of my discovery of the best and worst of two distinguished things I discovered. Let's start with "The Mummy - Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor". I was really lucky to get premiere tickets to watch this anticipated movie. I always long and love The Mummy because I adored historical elements especially Egypt. The premiere was at 9pm, and on 30th July, in Cineleisure, Damansara. The reason being that the movie will be up on screening on 31st July. The security check was tight and no digital devices such as hand phones and cameras were allowed. They even have this device to check through like the one we used to experience only in Immigration when one goes overseas.

The movie went on well and without really obvious cut scenes from censorship board. And, the movie went on well. And it went on alright. The problem was .. hmm I sensed no humours that I could laugh, and I could not feel the thrills that I always have for previous one. I must blamed on the actress, Maria Bello for over acting her drama and her fighting scenes were fake. I miss Rachel Weisz. She is natural and great for The Mummy.

I must also critic on Luke Ford's acting (Brendan's son in the movie).There was one scene where he supposed to look worried and scared from behind some objects. But, he really look fake with his poor acting. There's no chemistry between Brendan, Luke and Maria like a family, not like the one we had watched in Indiana Jones. I also sensed similarity of the family relationship of this one with Indiana Jones, but this seems to be not working.

The China's stories: Okay, for any Chinese in the world would have think this story is fake, but this time, it is worst than that. The story turns to be worst than fake, but there's no efforts to ensure the story is with better substance. I actually awaited how they could twist the whole thing again from The Mummy's substance. Believe me: it is nothing believable or amazing.

About Chinese's characters: Michelle Yeoh had great acting because no other characters, even Brendan himself could shine in their acts. Disappointing. Isabella Leong - for being Michelle's daughter - how could she have American slang all over her and claimed she is someone so ancient. That was a joke.

About Chinese's elements: Well, it is alright with most Chinese touches, except few BIG issue: How could Michelle Yeoh wearing something that could show off her cleavage in ancient time? Or she supposed to be pre-modern in fashion? The color of her clothings is too modern. Then, let's talk about the dragon. The dragon is medieval. How can a medieval dragon appears in China? Now let's move on a scene called Shangri La. The name already sucks big time but well, the scene about Shangri La was impressive but looks so Dubai, too grand, perhaps a modern ancient holy city? And last thing I want to mention about Yeti - what is Yeti? Am I in movie of "Chronicles of Narnia"? It was confusing.

I think the movie is alright. Perhaps poorer than alright. Those who plan to watch this movie without believing me: please make sure you bring a great palm so you can rest your face on it when you feel bored.

Well, I browsed through the interactive website and I think it is a great website. Basically, you watched most interesting scenes in it. So don't really bother to waste another RM10 for the movie:

The Mummy Interactive Trailer Site

Perhaps there's too many Eastern things that we have seen lately: Miss World is Miss China that doesn't deserves, Olympic in Beijing, Red Cliff as Chinese epic movie, Jackie Chan and Jet Li (again) in the monkey acting movie, that looks like a circus show and so many other things. We are all over loaded with the Eastern-ish influence and we cannot accept lies in this movie. If it is greatly interpreted, it will be another great Mummy movie. So sorry for my anticipation. I shall rest.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Preparing for unplugged

I was invited to perform for an acoustic performance and I'm delighted to be part of the act. I'm thrilled and excited for the involvement although it could be a peanut performance only, but well I shall do well in it. I noticed of one Mandarin song that I long to do and thanks Reuben for translating it for me in pin yin. I will really put effort to polish up the pronounciation in it.

The song somehow reflects one tender sweet moment of mine. Not going to mention a lot out of it, but it was the sweetest moment of mine. The song has this sense of causing me teardrops. All I long was to have it sang again with the genuine meaning from the song, and from the inner meaning of this soul.

The air is warm, the light is dim again and I'm sweating actually. But it doesn't affect my dreamy feeling of the song. It makes me think and reflect how much I have been through for my life, as a soul, longing for care and tenderness, with aura of love and delightfulness.

I must have gone way too into dreamy little land. At least, it makes me feel rather comfortable. That song is the cause of everything: it's poison and it's honey. I'm dedicating it to you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When you feel it's not right

I feel helpless again despite of all the things that I have done. I mean, it is about my feeling. Optimism is my common practice to cure when I feel bad. It doesn't work right now at this moment. Blasting loud from my hi-fi, under dim light, with my laptop connecting to the splendid world wide web, and still I feel yucks. I hate the untalented side of me. I couldn't cope with the feeling of sadness and loneliness, at such hour. I have to reconsider when it is right time to do the right action for the right decision I'm considering. Time still challenges back at me. I wish I could just slip away from the stillness of Sunway city, limited auras of care of people, even animals are like dead! I need a life. I punished myself just now with a big sinful processed meal. It cures my desperation, at least it decreases 10 percents of my depression. what is the matter actually? Why am I feeling not right? Gosh. I hate this moment. I want to post a great article of how Beijing is getting so ready of their beloved Olympic. But, rather, I start to write about this moment. Sometimes, bad timing, bad decision, bad action, bad aura and bad whatsoever can happen. I know this very much, but please, I need to be able to deal better with this. I shall stop.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Start Drawing in Green Project

Well recently, I found out about this idea of uniting artists around the globe to participate in this project as global warming awareness.

And I did participated! I use one older creation of mine to fit into the theme and just submitted. Every artistes should participate. It is worthy and meaningful.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bouquets Again

There you go as I mentioned, the experiments of bouquets creation from left over flowers. I managed to handle it faster and quicker.

I tried on two types: red and white roses for more bridal feeling. Joanne said it looks like Melayu. Hahaha. Think of it. It does!! My goodness! But well, I got reference from "western" bridal website. Anyway, I think it looks alright in real. It looks nice. Haha.

For the colorful one, those were the remained flowers that I use in for another method. I just like it. I likes variation of colors that makes the bouquet interesting.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Flowery Weekend

The whole weekend was really packed. I shall elaborate more for the upcoming updates. It's long and lengthy. Anyway, yesterday night, I received fresh flowers from Cameron Highlands, and it is for me to experiment and try my luck to create styles as wedding decoration for a friend's wedding. There's nothing like a direction because it is still open for creativity to expand and see how things goes.

I felt thrilled and shocked for the bunch of flowers I received and faced little traumatic because I did not know how to begin. I did a conventional start, by cutting off sponge and dipped it with water for stand arrangement. Previously, we went for hunting for materials and I found a shop in Petaling Street to get all the stands and sponges we needed in cheap price. So, it was an initial idea to create a stand arrangement.

For stand arrangements, according to rough plan, it should highlights a dinner setup in a school hall. It is difficult as it is. I thought deeply and proposed that it would be nice to use vibrant colors as flowers arrangement. Here in this "prototype" or trial, I tried use deep red roses with yellow roses as top arrangements with white breaths, and pink with beige roses at lower arrangement with lavenders at the end. Just discussed with the bride, and it is ideally workable.

Then, I tried bridal hand bouquet arrangements. It was toughest. I never did that arrangement before. It was super difficult. I tried to be modern as I try the hand-grab method to arrange it. The first one was safe: using pinkish beige and white roses with white breaths and the outcome is decent indeed: looks bridal. Haha. I was not satisfied. The bouquet is smaller and more oval. I hate my hand.

The other one that I attempted was a tropical vibrant one: I actually saw this few purplish roses that look awful alone and it was a waste if I didn't use them as arrangement. With that, it was with an interesting idea to combine few different colors roses with white one, with lavenders and berries. It is exotic. I love it. I think practice makes perfect. This bouquet looks much better.

I spent hours on it and it leads me to mid night. I will try again tonight. Perhaps earlier. I need to time myself. Wish me luck!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Department Activities - Futsal

In non-conjunction with Euro Cup and Olympic fevers, MM department organized a Futsal session earlier this month. It was exciting and thrilled to be involved in the session. It was always difficult for me to run many directions in the game, but managed to get through it. It was enjoyable although I had some injuries, not mentioning the shameful moment of mine.

It was a great session anyway. Me and Reuben will be in charged for the upcoming activities and we are still finalizing few ideas into the final conclusion. It shall be a surprise.

Back to Basic!

It was a terrible night last night after a drink of white coffee. Predictably, I couldn't sleep even it was wee hours in the morning. I started looking into basic design book and was interested to find out more about basic shape and form.

Then this morning, I started looking into random shapes to build some design. It was fascinated to create outcomes of design within the shapes I just simply gathered. Shapes are a basic element of design. And it is still effective.I started up with creating a little robot because I think geometric shapes are very mechanical and it is in fact suitable to form a mechanical machine, a robot.Well basic shapes also could be found in interior foundation. So I thought of creating a house instead. It looks quite fun.Then I wondered if I could modified and build it to become a precious castle. It looks quite cool too as a castle. It communicates alright to be a castle.Then I have the urge to create something more organic, something more lively from a death looking shapes. I managed to create a chicken or a bird. I just love this exploration. Given more time, I will experiment more on this shapes.