Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009!~

I would like to wish everyone to have wonderful year ahead - with good health, prosperity, wealth, fortune, career, love and be absolutely happy.

Here is an ecard that I have created:

I tried to embed it here in my blog, but it gaves me error so I decided to put the graphics up above to bring the teaser of the meaning in the card. Happy Viewing!

Gong Xi Fa Cai !

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taxi Driver Tragedy

I have been busy since the beginning of new term where I spent my quality time polishing my knowledge and preparing for my classes.

Anyways, let's get to the tragedy that I faced just tonight.

Me and my housemate just got back from Education Fair's duties and decided to have a good meal. After the fatty meals, we thought of treating ourselves good by getting taxi in front of Sunway Pyramid home.

Well, we got into this taxi with the plate of HWC 8171 and the first thing the taxi driver noticed on the receipt was going back to our apartment and he said:

"Aiya! Sangat susah la! Tiap tiap kali saya dapat PJS 7 memang tak dapat untung. Memang tak suka".

Well, I was kind of entertained him with some smiling gestures and "Hehe". That's what I did.

Then, he asked where about PJS7 and I described it in details. And he again said this:

"Haiyo. Tengok tu. (Traffic jam at the other side of the road that he needs to make a big U turn). Memang tak der untung la."

At first, I thought it was slightly longer path compared with last time when the highway wasn't built. But, well, that's what I paid for. And he got to take it. So, I decided not to care about his dissatisfaction and kept quiet.

In fact, I did asked him before leaving Sunway Pyramid and said "Macam mana?" (If he doesn't want to take us, I shall go to the counter and demand another taxi)

Then, he showed his dissatisfaction by driving unethically - speed up and break in sudden. The taxi was in high speed and went from left to right and he even made high beam signals for vehicles that blocked his way.

Then he reached the further tunnel. And he said:
"You tengok. Sampai sini sudah 5 ringgit. Sampai u punya rumah sepuluh sen pun tak untung. Sunway management ambik 10 percent. Kita untung 6.30 saja (the fair is RM7.00). I bawa you sampai 6. 30. You turun"

The statement really made me frustrated and angry about it. But I calmed my housemate and myself because we need him to bring us back to our apartment.

Anyway, when nearly reached our apartment, it was not even RM6 yet, which means he did earned from the fare. When we reached home and opened up the door, my housemate shouted at him:

"You pergi complain dekat management! Bukan complain dalam taxi! I sudah dapat you punya taxi number!"

In fact, I want to tell all the people who read my blog about his number plate because of his terrible attitude and not professional enough. He actually hinted to us to pay more money (RM2) to him. I didn't pay a single cent more because I think he didn't deserve it at all.

His number plate is : HWC 8171
For many times I have taken taxi services from Sunway, and never had such bad experience. I shall complain to the management soon.