Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

Despite all the bad auras, feelings, emotions, sadness, demotivation, I would like to wish all - everybody to stay great, beautiful, handsome, healthy most importantly, and really be happy in the year of 2009. Christmas comes too close with Chinese New Year. And, I feel nothing much about celebrating a new year, but it comes in and shoo 2008 away.

I wish to have a great year ahead. I want myself to be more motivated and achieved things in excellency. I hope everything is fine and stays good and healthy. It's really a new year coming in, like Ripley's believing it or not. I will accept it as it is. Happy New Year everybody.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kian Leong & Natalie Wedding Car Decoration

Once again, I got the priviledge and was entrusted to create an Oriental-themed wedding car decoration. It was for Kian Leong, my fellow colleague. To make it more special, I try to use a different approach and the textures, shapes and folds created were more solid and prominent for a modern touch. And yet, it have to be oriental - gold and red theme.

We in fact, shopped a month ago for the right materials and I did suggested the textured gold cloth to give a soft touch to the whole decoration. I'm afraid it to be too fierce. But, as the outcome turned out to be nice and decent, not overdo, but emphasized. I'm really glad. The newly wed were happy with it, and also the groom's sister who complemented the design. I have done my best. Here you go!: