Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tokku & Noriko's Mexican Wedding Party

The photographs below are the best captured on that night where we celebrated Tokku & Noriko's wedding party in USJ, Subang. It was great and I was happy with the decoration tasks that I was assigned. Everybody was comfortable and complimented it. Here you go:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Making of Tokku & Noriko's Wedding - The Preparation

I felt honored and happy to be consulting Tokku and Noriko for their wedding concept and also, their decoration. I do not want to elaborate too much, but the photos speak thousand words of it. The preparation took quite some time from shopping for materials and preparation of it. It took us few months ahead to prepare it well and nice. Here you goes!:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Toku and Noriko's Bridal Car

Toku and Noriko's wedding was held in Cameron Highlands last Saturday and I had the privilege to witness it and also, was entrusted to create their bridal car.

I reached Cameron on Friday evening and it was raining quite heavily. It was really difficult and hesitated to start the bridal car decoration because rain downpours were heavy and water was dripping from the ceiling. It was really .. hmm difficult.

At the end, they changed their mind to use another car, which is also black and I started the decoration job. It lasted for 3 hours, I guess, to settle and stitch and stick and tie everything on the bridal car. Pheww! It was great.

Before that, I had already finished the design for the front part (the big ribbon ball), the back part, the doors knots and it causes me many sleepless nights. The reason was I hand-sewed every single details and I was glad with the outcome.

One month ago roughly, me, Noriko and Joanne went shopping in cloth shop to hunt for right materials and we did get some good combination. I'm glad to see the creation and how it did impressed people on the wedding day. I'm satisfied when I look at the photographs again.

Here you go!:

No regret (except that I was shocked to see the red cloth that morning when they reach Noriko's house. Such a spoiler! Well, still alright, I guess!) and I think Toku and Noriko were really happy with it. Wish them loving forever!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Bouquet for a Friend

It's been sometime since I last updated this blog. I was busy working on wedding preparation for Toku & Noriko. There's alot of details that I need to manage: including her casual wedding party in KL, and also a bridal car design for Cameron.

They had look at everything that I had prepared. They were satisfied. Phew!

I finally finished making all the details needed and I shall reveal it here after their wedding.

Beside that, I promised to help a colleague, to help her to make a bouquet for her registration. I took some photographs by using my handphone:

I felt happy with the outcome of the bouquet, given limited time and budget, and also dealing with stupid wholesale florist, with stupid treatment.

I realised that my digital camera's lens were spoilt. I knew it is almost time because recently, whenever I start taking photograph, the LCD shows sign of blurness and un-focus.

I feel saddened by it. I need to spend money again. That must be the aura of this whole year - spend on unexpected circumstances.

I shall update soon after their wedding! Look out!