Friday, June 26, 2009

Blue in the Face: Climate Change Campaign

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jason and Vince Bridal Car Decoration

Proud to show my creation of wedding car for Jason and Vince's wedding that was held during last weekend. She chooses salmon, beige and pinkish with white color to compliment the bronze BMW car. I'm proud of the whole entire design.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hazy Friday Morning

Taken on December 2008.

Taken on today, 12th June 2009.

I just woke up and realised how wonderful today shall be: I'm on half day leave to head down to Muar for Vince's wedding as I have to decorate her bridal car. It's kind of exciting.

But I actually woke up even earlier than previous days. It's the haze effects. It is not funny at all. I remembered that few days ago, I couldn't sleep well at night - it was rough, still and warm. I was sweating and the air was dead still. I felt nose blocked every morning.

It is not unbearable. I think all of us have to bear the consequences. We get quite used to this kind of situation thanks to our beloved neighbour country. But the worst, I still see people practice open burning from their house. How untolerant our masyarakat is.
Maybe it is about feng shui. It predicted that this year is not going to be a great year. I'm not superstitious. I want it to make sense too. There are certain things that make me believing it. But I try not to be. Really, not to be.

Well on top of the haze matter, I received a shocking SMS yesterday. It was a bad news - a friend from Penang had just passed away. He had health problem but it was actually quite sudden. I felt shocked. All I could do was to pray for him - may he rest in peace.

Earlier, few days ago, my friend who fetched me home from dinner and thought of drop by to look at my painting, got into minor accident with an Indian.
As we all know, PJS7 is "Little India of Sunway". After the accident happened, very unsurprisingly, alot of fellow Indians came up to us and shouted about it. It wasn't my friend's fault. His car was at one side of the road heading to the apartment, while the Indian's car was at the other side but the tyre was slightly at our side of road. That's cause the crashes. The proof was on my friend's car - all the scratches were the textures of the tyres.

Back to story, my friend argued with the Indian driver about it because it was not his fault. But we were surrounded by many Indians. Anyway, we "settled" it by ourselves. Although it was not our fault, we have to reluctantly paid him the money. I did contributed some money to pay it off. I felt we were only two little kittens with many wild black dogs. Me and my friend were the only one at our side to defend on the situation. Well, as a matter of fact, I always think majority seems to be the bigger player in all sorts. I contributed to pay a part of the sum (not really alot of money) to rest the case so that it washes us off from many troubles.

One of them said "We are not here to fight, we are gentlemen, we just want it
SETTLE". - Oh Bloody Yes! When I got into car, and I told my friend about how injustice it was, but that little sum of money bought us our safety and assurance.
Well, what a great morning it is! I have to get prepare to work again.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wild Channel - Wild in the Street Event

Last Sunday I went with cousin Jimmy Tan to his company's event - Wild Channel Wild in the Street event in Mines. It was quite eye opening for me. Not describing alot in words, but showing more of the photographs that I have taken:

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pa & Mami in Seremban's Home

It had been some time since I last wrote in my precious pathethic blog. I was frustrated with my emo; my mood swings like Bell Curves; it was the hot weather to blame on. I felt restless most of the time and I felt uncomfortable to even say more things out from my mouth.

At the same period of time, I was preparing bridal car's materials and alot of hand-stitched works for Vince's big day - that is arriving next week! Pray for the good outcome of my design. And, at very same time too, I took the challenge of participating in a Contemporary Painting competition where I spent almost a month on one big 100cm X 100cm painting. It was really challenging and I was being careful for every strokes and details that were painted on it. Finally, I loves the outcome. I was proud to showcase it to people but not so publicly yet; it's a competition. I need to stay cool and low profile first. I have sent in the entry form. I really need to pray hard for this.
Well, back to today - I think all the bad and "sui" feeling are gone. It's time to get back to blogging again. I have nothing much exciting events or activities or painting or crafts to share about; but rather, some thoughts to talk about during this down-time.
Looking back on some photographs I took in Seremban, I realised probably Seremban's home to be a comfort and peaceful zone for me to get a good easy rest. It is in fact very warm interiorly and I used to stay in my air-cond blasted cozy room. Anyway, I still loves the feeling of me hearing the loud voice of Pa (father) and Mami's laughter (mom's) watching TV programme from downstairs, while I stays up on bed doing my work upstairs. It's sentimental and warm. It reminded me how un-sound proof the room door is especially during my critical SPM time where I need to concentrate on studies. It is good to recall back the moment - I failed to fully concentrate on SPM studies actually, but it showed me a sign - I'm not a Science but Art person. :>

I went out from my house to take some photographs and it was interesting to see some old practice is still intact and works well for the modern world. Mami collected all the peeled Mandarin oranges' skins and chucked into a wire from a broken hanger to hang and dry up the skin. It was nice to look at that photo that contradicts with the Sokka Gakai's building next to our house. (I hate that building! It blocks our feng shui and wind)

I did tried to look at anything else to capture as photograph. I look far and targeted my neighbour's childrens who were playing football. Their corner house is with bigger compound to accomodate them with an activities area. Well, it is better than our house. But it doesn't matter anymore now. Pa and Mami are the only old folks who stay in there most of the time. They claimed our house as "old folks home".

I also managed to take few photographs on Mami's plants and realised this is a nice photograph to be featured here. Mami have this strange behavior - when she is into something, she puts 110 % into it. I think she neglected her gardening interest. There are proves! Ha ha! She is into line dancing now. No more mahjong. It's great news.

Pa & Mami had tied their knot for many years.Their wedding photos prove the time. I loves their black & white vintage wedding photos that were displayed in our house. When Mami looked at her wedding photo, she mentioned about her hairdo and common practice during that time for bride's hairstyling. Usually, bride has to go to saloon and set their hairdo one day earlier before wedding. Hairstylists that time were arrogant and nobody would come to do bride's hair in the morning. I think it is totally opposite now. Maybe there's no competition for the saloon at that time. Ha ha ha.

My big brother is a creative person. He eventually turned 2 cigarrette posters frames (from coffee shop) to become 2 big photographs collages to be displayed at our house now. I loves looking at those photographs. It reflected me with many happy moments and those old memory lanes.There's this photograph that I love most - it was taken when I was still in infancy. I look totally blur but my mom looks gorgeous with her Bob style haircut. It was so retro. The style is back.

Mami still looks great at her old age now. She is still sporting, youthful and most important, still pretty. I wish Pa and Mami have great health and enjoys their life happily.

Some weekends I would rather spend time with Pa & Mami in our beloved Seremban's small house. They are always awaiting for chance with family members and relatives. I always give my best to spend some time with them. It is a good deed to do.

Sorry for Dilemma-ing