Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stuffed Toys and Cloth Bags

Here are some of my latest experimentations. I created two sets of toys (but I decided to feature one set of it) and one set of cloth bags.

"Gigi Besar"
Gigi Besar is a weird-looking toy that looks like a hammer-head shark in its form.I created this through genuine stitching only.

Kaki is a green stuffed toy made of recycle materials. I love the look of it because it is basically with a pair of legs and two eyes and a small pocket.It is fun-looking and cute as a decoration.

Checked Cloth Bag
It is a great looking cloth bag that I had created recently.

Stripes and Floral Strip Bag
This is another cloth bag that I had created. It is differentbecause of the floral strip that is at the right side of the bag.