Thursday, May 10, 2007

Earliest Morning in Kuala Lumpur town

One of the back Sunday, I just followed my housemate to KL as I need to deal with some bank transaction in town. That was the earliest visit of KL since very long time ago. It was strange to notice the quietness and stillness of 7am in the heart of KL.

It was nice to take some photographs back when I was on my way back home. It was a moody morning; bloomy and greyish after moderate rain earlier that day. It wasn't a pleasant feeling of noticing how dead were the expressions of the people on the street. I guess it must have been another long working day for some of them that I noticed: the shop keepers, assistants and nasi lemak seller.

KL seems to be busy when the clock ticks at 830am. I enjoyed the solitaire of being alone at the moment, but usually, I do not like to go out alone. But if somebody who comes all the way to KL and start their study life or their working life, it was difficult to adopt the feeling of loneliness. People are still and moving fast; Looking heartless and rush. It was quite terrible to imagine. But, when one starts to understand the flow and knowing more friends, life is getting a little better. I wish I understand the reason of the stillness and expression-less, but before I really get to know more, I think I had already become one of them. I am now one of those still faces.