Friday, September 14, 2007

Chienni's Bridal Car

I was really honoured to be given the trust to decorate Spencer & Chienni's bridal car for their wedding. Their theme was more about using back chinese red elements and it reflects culture and strong identity of the Chinese wedding of the past.

The bridal car was decorated with big bold golden ribbons made of gold cloths and ribbons. It was enhanced with red shiny cloths to decorate the whole car. It is difficult to describe by using words. Let's look at the pictures. I am so happy with the results.

Piala Sri Endon - UNITY Inspirasiku

Well, it's been some time since I last updated my blogs here. Well, I would like to talk about Piala Sri Endon's batik competition that me and Tuck Loong joined. It's been a great experience although we didn't make it into finalists. At least we tried.

The experience of batik making was worthy and it amazed me very much because such an old classic techniques can really do magic to cloth dye beautifully. I will keep on exploring on batik design and hope to show more works here later in future.
We called it "UNITY: Inspirasiku" because we combines multi racial cultural art forms and shapes into the united central design of the batik.

Friday, June 08, 2007

New Creations

I would like to showcase some of my new works in many varieties:

A new toy for a friend as a gift for her niece.

A creation of tortoise for a friend who is going back to Miami. Cutie Brooches

Some cutie brooches that I created for younger fresh audiences.
Batik Jeans Brooches
Some older idea of combining batik and jeans clothes. That's the outcome.
Latest Painting - Eco-Friendly
Trying out on painting and it is about ecofriendly and that is my only motive when I painted it. We shall preserve our beautiful world.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Earliest Morning in Kuala Lumpur town

One of the back Sunday, I just followed my housemate to KL as I need to deal with some bank transaction in town. That was the earliest visit of KL since very long time ago. It was strange to notice the quietness and stillness of 7am in the heart of KL.

It was nice to take some photographs back when I was on my way back home. It was a moody morning; bloomy and greyish after moderate rain earlier that day. It wasn't a pleasant feeling of noticing how dead were the expressions of the people on the street. I guess it must have been another long working day for some of them that I noticed: the shop keepers, assistants and nasi lemak seller.

KL seems to be busy when the clock ticks at 830am. I enjoyed the solitaire of being alone at the moment, but usually, I do not like to go out alone. But if somebody who comes all the way to KL and start their study life or their working life, it was difficult to adopt the feeling of loneliness. People are still and moving fast; Looking heartless and rush. It was quite terrible to imagine. But, when one starts to understand the flow and knowing more friends, life is getting a little better. I wish I understand the reason of the stillness and expression-less, but before I really get to know more, I think I had already become one of them. I am now one of those still faces.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stuffed Toys and Cloth Bags

Here are some of my latest experimentations. I created two sets of toys (but I decided to feature one set of it) and one set of cloth bags.

"Gigi Besar"
Gigi Besar is a weird-looking toy that looks like a hammer-head shark in its form.I created this through genuine stitching only.

Kaki is a green stuffed toy made of recycle materials. I love the look of it because it is basically with a pair of legs and two eyes and a small pocket.It is fun-looking and cute as a decoration.

Checked Cloth Bag
It is a great looking cloth bag that I had created recently.

Stripes and Floral Strip Bag
This is another cloth bag that I had created. It is differentbecause of the floral strip that is at the right side of the bag.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Singing for 14 Years !!

I have been singing for 14 years!! For good, or bad, or worst and glorious, I have been singing for many occasions: Asia Bagus!, Astro Talent Quest, Sony Face-Off Talent Competition, EON Talent Competition, MTV JVC Singing competition, high-school choir and quartets, charity show for Rotary Club, Old Boys Associations annual dinners, Centenary dinner for former school, staff annual dinners and alot of weddings. In fact, I even tried emcee-ing in Cantonese and English, for more than 5 weddings and few internal students/staffs events.

The best tryout and achievements were Asia Bagus!, Astro Talent Quest, Sony, EON and MTV JVC, respectively.

The most memorable moment was performing to school for the first time in Form Three, where I hardly sing anything or any tune. In fact, I hated my own voice, really!

The greatest "Star" feeling was the time, I was in Asia Bagus! and there were Indo-Chinese fans who wanted my signature on the poster. Haha!

The proudest moment was to be able to sing in front of old folks recently in the old folks home. It's purely charity and I felt touched when I sang the classic Chinese love song.

The saddest moment was that I was eliminated from Astro Talent Quest to the finals. I was saddened by the choice of song I was forced to (the second choice, actually as they claimed that my both CDs were spoilt). I knew I could be there in finals. Well, never mind. Move on!

The funniest moment was singing a fast track and provoked audiences to be real high and dancing all along. I actually forgot most of my lyrics. Hahaha.

I just love to sing. I will keep singing. I remembered what Greg told me before : "Just keep singing and trying. Never give up". I did all the time. I will keep trying on any opportunity that comes. Thanks Greg for letting me sang in the group for the performance in school. If not, I won't know that I will be able to sing.

The Wonders of Temple

I would like to post some photographs that I took during last trip to Kik Lok Si Temple during Chinese New Year. The place looks so beautiful with many lights and latterns on to rejuvenate the great look of the temple. I just sensed the place to be a little more commercial now, but it is really beautiful and impressive actually.
The night scene is dramatically different from the day scene as it brings a different aura of feeling; I thought I had reached Hong Kong or Taiwan. I always think the remark that Kik Lok Si temple for Penang Island is distinguished and it will stay there for very long.

Even if it's not Chinese New Year, Kik Lok Si's highest peak is a place for youngsters especially lovers to visit. It sounds like Hong Kong's peak but not as grand as it is. There's always a moderate touch and it is worth to pay a visit at night.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mickey Just Doesn't Impress

Last year, my cousin encouraged me to participate in this Mickey's Tee Design competition. I was not excited at all, but we saw this postcard that attracted us to participate. Well, why not. It will do no harm. Well, the competition seems rather quiet even long after the dateline: No announcement of the winners and so on. We felt cheated actually. But it's okay. If my Mickey doesn't impress them, I won't mind. At least I tried to create my designs with passion in it.

Here I showcase my 2 designs:

080207 - Asia Bagus! 98

One of my greatest achievements in singing was getting myself into finalists of Asia Bagus! grand championship. It was held in Hard Rock Hotel in Bali, Indonesia.

Asia Bagus! was my first attempt for an international competition. I was in a group of a duet with my good friend, Gregory. He is very talented indeed. Well, we just tried our best to really look into competing into Asia Bagus! but we were thrilled when we made it to the grand championship.

Although we lost in the grand championship but well, it doesn't matter. I still remember the winner with the name of Rio Ferbian from Indonesia. He did sang a duet with Jaclyn Victor recently.
I recalled back to the time we were sent to represent Malaysia in Singapore. It was so terrifying and nervous because our competitors from Indonesia were good. Imagine we were the weekly champion with 91 marks and the Indonesian competitor was with 90 marks. The audiences screamed so loudly! It was a great moment.

Asia Bagus was the first reality talent show ever in Asia. I salutes to you, Asia Bagus! and also proud to be part of the programme.

Hand-stitched Stuffed Toys : Originality Rules!

I will showcase some toys that I stitched and stuffed myself. Funny for a man but creatively satisfied for my soul.

Dirty Miaw

Dirty Miaw basically is a longkang cat that hops around the longkangs behind of my house in Seremban. She loves food from the neighbourhood because whatever remained to be throw away will be her food whatsoever. She loves to "miaw" me for food everytime I washed the dishes. I will always look through the glass window in the kitchen to locate where is she so I could quickly throw her a quick bite before the real meal. { The story is real, and the cat inspired me to create Dirty Miaw. }

Kucing Batik's Hand Rest

Kucing Batik is elegant with batik printing all over her body. She is a hand rest to relax your hand while you are using a mouse.

Anjing Garang Batik

Anjing garang batik kononnya adalah seperti anjing liar yang terkurung di dalam rumah jiran saya. Ia tidak dapat merasai kebebasan dan sering menjadi liar apabila dibebaskan dari rumah jiran. Perangai nya hampir sama dengan jiran saya. Ia memang menakutkan dan terbukti menakutkan apabila saya membawanya dan meletakkan nya di atas sofa rumah, dan memeranjatkan rakan setinggal saya semasa dia bangun dan pergi ke tandas pada waktu malam. { This story is real and the dog inspired me with such creation }

Babi BroochBabi brooch is very unique because it is a tiny stuffed toy and it is a babi. It is with a feather to accessorize the look and with two tooths in front. I greatly inspired by the Year of Babi or Boar and therefore, this creation is truly for the festive purpose.

That's it this time. I'm progressively creating more and more of this. Will show more next time.

080307 - A New Year, New Makeover, New Beginning

I just started to look into make over of my pitiful blogs that I had abandoned and ignored for sometime. I'm sorry, my dear blogs. I will pay more attention to you now. It's early morning and it is quite difficult to express myself more comfortably. My mind is still in fogs and clouds. My favourite song, "Picture Book" is playing on the station. Thanks Win for giving me this song in UK. I miss you and the moment we shared with Andy Saxon, the toughest of all in BIAD.

Today's weather seems to be really good: sunny and not too hot. I'm entirely dressed in green and with a pair of casual jeans. It seems like "Batman and Robin" uniform, particularly pin-pointing Robin - imagine that kind of GREEN-ISH! Woooh... People at the bus stop started wondering why I picked such tee and with the look of "Don't you dare to mess up with him!". It's quite hillarious. I don't really care and continuing my desire of styles. Lately, CNY shopping seems rather weird for me. I picked all the wardrobes that I never thought that I will buy. But well, I bought it. They are ranging from Tees of "5 for RM50", MC Hammer's Carrot-Cut-Can-Slot-in-A-Chicken pants - I rather call it Eason Chan's pants and a floral-patterned shorts that looks like a 70s table cloth. Over elaborated. Ends here.

Well, a new beginning by introducing my favourite toy that I designed, created and stitched - Malphy! Malphy is rather male and female so that is why it is called "Male-Fe". He-she is quite cute and with a pair of big-small eyes and long-short legs. He-she can do matrix acts (Thanks to Boyce for such funny acts). I have no comments why I created such creature but he-she is a great inspiration for me. Hope you guys like it. Will be discipline and write more.