Thursday, March 29, 2012

Being and living today

For a being of 35 years old, I can sense the golden youthful time had passed, the generation of green young has make waves covering all over me. Being of an educationalist, I witnessed my beloved students who had graduated and ventured into their challenging life of working. Can I say that I sense the vocabulary of " maturity" in myself, written all in my soul and undeniably embedded strongly in me. Gasp.

Great sunlight with some light breeze shaking the trees, and looking at students setting up their installation, I'm very much in peace calming myself after a very crazy monetary-oriented day. I want things to be done exactly, as nicely, less stress but better in perfection.

As a living, I must continue breathing the good in, letting the bad out. Embracing the best island sun, sitting at a black bench, feeling myself rejuvenate again.

I'm feeling blessed now. Live eat breathe life. Amitabha.

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