Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 : 3 years and I'm back

2012 - is this a good year
Years just passed quickly and writing can cramp my typing fingers. What is there I can start to write? I'm waiting for my flight back to Penang island - and "yes. Penang is now my home. A sentimental comfortable home at the side of the salty sea.

Sigh. I can smell change and it's drastic for the whole entire year. When I got back to my Sunway's rented room for a night stay, I realized my housemate now is also base in Penang and it was entirely weird to feel really alone in a place that I'm so used to. Change - the only keyword.

I still love you all, my friends around Sunway, my housemates, and everybody. Life just have to move on. And I'm taking a very big step ahead to face even more tsunami challenges. What should I feel afraid of? Nothing. A calm and serene feeling.

I'm fear of "end of the world" if it is going to happen like that soon, but if it happens, it happens la.. Like how all Malaysians said it. I shall enjoy my nasi lemak first.

a 35 years old to be, with some thoughts to be as creative in mind, doing all sorts of job tasks for a very urban lifestyle requirement, trying to understand himself now, and trying to understand what is a great direction, or a decision for any path he is taking, be it commitment, risk, relationship, communication and everything. Everything.

I just wish the best in me. What is a better world out there than to stay good, treat myself better in life, and prioritize myself back to me, myself, my family and friends. My new kind of resolution? Will it work for me? I'm praying within me to work as it is.

I shall not, I wish, I shall not feel sad for the sadness I knew, it shouldn't be for this year. I shall enjoy and feel happy for being myself. And, to understand what is coming to be good for me.

Good luck Wai Khong in 2012.

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